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❄️Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring💖Limited Time Discount

❄️Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring💖Limited Time Discount

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❄️Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring💖Limited Time Discount

❄️Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring💖Limited Time Discount

Regular price £19.98
Regular price £19.98 Sale price £159.99
SAVE 87% Sold out

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Lindsay-Rossi shared a photo of her after using her CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring!

Congrats to her!

“The stress of studying has caused my body to change drastically. My irregular work schedule and overeating habits have affected my health. which has caused me to gain weight. Recently. I found this CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring on the Internet. which has the effect of helping weight loss and shaping. I bought the CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring with a skeptical attitude and have been wearing it. After wearing it for a few days. I felt that the magnetic therapy effect of the necklace seemed to be very effective. After a few weeks. I managed to lose 60 pounds. Not only did I lose weight. it also helped me to shape my body in a very nice way. I am very impressed with this product. This ring is simple. easy to wear and does not interfere with my daily life. I believe it will positively boost my metabolism and help me reach my weight loss goals . It can safely and effectively promote lymphatic circulation and help me lose weight.”


——Lindsay Rossi. Chicago. USA

“I was so anxious that a big bag suddenly swelled up on my neck and I didn't even understand how it got there! My friend guessed that the bag on my neck could be due to a problem with my lymphatic system. she recommended the CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring to me. at first I really didn't believe that this tiny ring could relieve the lump on my neck. after wearing it for about five weeks I was surprised to find out that that lump was really shrinking slowly! Now. the lump in my neck has completely disappeared and it has saved me from having to be anxious about this lump. This ring is really amazing! And it's a couples ring. I'm going to arrange one for my boyfriend.”


--Roxanne Miller. Bellamack. Australia

“At one time I was on the heavier side of the scale and had a big belly. but I didn't care about being in shape and I was having a great time. But one day I got sick and after I was cured my weight dropped drastically. causing the skin on my stomach to wrinkle so badly! I searched for a lot of ways to fix it. but nothing worked well. I stumbled upon this CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring. and although I didn't have high hopes. I tried wearing it for a while. After a few weeks. I was surprised to find that the folds on my tummy seemed to be reduced. my skin started to become firm and smooth. and my tummy slowly shrunk to a smaller size. This ring really works! I will continue to wear it to get healthier.”


——Kaylyn West. Decker Lake. Canada

What the lymphatic system is and how lymphedema develops

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system. It recycles excess body fluids from the surrounding tissues. regulates the balance of the body's environment. and sends tissue fluids to the lymphatic tissues or organs for filtration. to produce antibodies based on the foreign antigens they come into contact with. or to attack them directly. and is therefore also the body's immune response to ensure good health.

Lymphedema is swelling of the tissues caused by a buildup of protein-rich fluids that normally drain through the body's lymphatic system. Any kind of problem that prevents the drainage of lymphatic fluids can lead to lymphedema. Severe lymphedema can affect the mobility of the affected limb. increase the risk of skin infections and sepsis. and can lead to skin changes and breakdown. There are several ways to address lymphatic obstruction. such as resection surgery or radiation therapy. However. most of these methods carry risks and may be harmful to your health.

What is magnetic therapy and how does the CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring?

Magnetic therapy realigns the electromagnetic charge in the body's cells and promotes self-healing. which benefits the lymphatic system. Magnetic fields heal by alkalizing the tissues and releasing oxygen from the bound state back into the molecular state. It also reduces lymph node swelling. promotes cellular metabolism. revitalizes cells. accelerates the excretion of intracellular wastes and harmful substances. and speeds up tissue repair.

The health of the lymphatic system is critical to improving circulation. and studies have shown that magnetic therapy can play a greater role in maintaining lymphatic system function by inducing a smoother flow of lymphatic fluid. Our CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring utilizes a medical magnet as the base material for the magnetic therapy. and introduces titanium and germanium as adjunctive therapeutic agents.

Magnets are naturally magnetic and promote the smooth circulation of lymphatic fluids in the body.

The National Institutes of Health reports that magnets can stimulate metabolism and increase circulation by enhancing the body's natural energy field. thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to cells.

Magnetic fields attract iron from hemoglobin. which increases blood circulation. Circulation increases the amount of oxygen available to the body. strengthens the immune system and reduces toxins.

Our CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring the effects of magnetic fields that break down the deeper layers of fat. helping to burn fat and increase skin suppleness.

Germanium has the function of regulating immune function. anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects. supplying oxygen to cells through purification. stimulating the function of hematopoietic system. and promoting the effective supply and utilization of oxygen in the body. It can be used to treat arthritis. etc.

Titanium has anti-inflammatory properties. induces blood circulation and detoxification. relieves chronic muscle pain. and enhances immune function. The negative ions generated by titanium are transported to every part of the body through the enhancement of the magnetic field. increasing serotonin levels. boosting the body's metabolism. and providing an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

It removes deeper bacteria. reduces inflammation. and effectively relieves acne redness and swelling.

Magnetic therapy can help accelerate cellular activation and collagen production. allowing scars and stretch marks to fade and disappear. Wearing magnetic jewelry can be used as a preventative measure to alleviate symptoms. help the body heal and achieve a state of balance within the body. and help people achieve overall health.

What Makes CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring Your Best Choice?

✅Releases 10 times more energy to maximize fat burning
✅Eliminates body swelling and helps detoxify the body
✅Accelerates metabolism and unblocks lymph nodes
✅Promotes healthier blood circulation Reduces excess lymphatic fluid by 60% in 3 months
✅Great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
✅Relieves stress. stiffness. cramps. discomfort. swelling and inflammation
✅Reduces fatty tissue
✅Relieves joint pain and reduces inflammation
✅Promotes tissue repair and regeneration Strengthens the immune system and prevents disease
✅Increases body energy and vitality

Check out Kaylyn's results after using the Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring!


After only one week of use. I can see the obvious slimming effect. and I feel that my whole body is relaxed. and I no longer have the feeling of being bulky. It's really amazing.”


After four weeks of use. I feel transformed. My waistline has shrunk by 4 inches. and the results are unbelievable! But it's true. And my skin hasn't sagged. it's still firm and smooth.”


After eight weeks of use. I have lost another 2 inches from my waistline! Gosh. the results are unreal. it wasn't that long ago that I was dragging around a bulky body and now I'm a different person. I'm going to move on to the next four-week program and continue to achieve my goals.”


——Jessica Pope. Perthville. Australia

“Because I usually don't pay much attention to my weight. I've always been more casual about my diet. eating whatever I want. Until my girlfriend started to dislike my weight. she said she would break up with me if I didn't start losing weight. I was very upset. So I started trying to lose weight. but I couldn't lose it no matter what. My girlfriend saw my determination and she stumbled upon this CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring. and it was a couple's model. just one for each person. After wearing it for a while. I felt a change in my weight. After six weeks. I realized I had lost 20 pounds! I was amazed! My girlfriend also noticed that she was in better shape. so I decided to keep wearing it to keep my girlfriend's heart. and it can also be used as a symbol of love for both of us.”


——Benjam Smith. Santa Rosa. USA

CZTICLE™Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring saved me. my face is prone to developing a large patch of pimples because of my skin type. Watching other people wearing beautiful makeup to attend parties. while I dare not put any cosmetics on my face. but also full of pimples. which makes me feel very annoyed. Until my friend recommended me to use this necklace. it's really amazing! My pimples actually started to disappear slowly. After eight weeks of using it. the acne on my face is almost hours and I don't even have to wear makeup to wow everyone. I'm definitely going to keep wearing it to stop my acne from continuing to grow back.”


-- Susanna Abbott. Easton. USA

Product Specification

  • Name: CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring
  • Material: Medical Magnet. Titanium. Germanium
  • Weight: 2.85g
  • Size: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10
  • Color: Silver. gold

How to use

  • Wear the Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring on your finger like a regular ring.
  • For external use only

Product Includes:

  • CZTICLE™ Lymphatic Magnetic Therapy Crushed Ice Ring*1

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